Bones – Hillsong United Miami Live New 2012 (Lyrics/Subtitles) (Best Worship Song for Jesus)

Hillsong United Live in Miami 2012, Album: Aftermath Live in Miami, Name: Bones You can take my dry bones Breathe life into this skin You called me by name R…

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25 Responses to “Bones – Hillsong United Miami Live New 2012 (Lyrics/Subtitles) (Best Worship Song for Jesus)”

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  1. Stephen Lawal says:


  2. aimac padz says:

    oh oh oh Jesus.. alive in me…
    breathe in me your life…

  3. Liene svärd says:

    Best Hillsong song!

    “When I stand and sing, you’re breaking the chains off me” Yes, worship God by singing is good :D

  4. juan martinez says:

    cuan grande es Dios

  5. Marvin Nina says:

    What kind of keyboard does Joel Houston play on the aftermath tour?

  6. Danny Bolaños Santiago says:

    I didnt like this song.. but now.. watching the video.. i love this song!

  7. Israel Adedipe says:

    All about this amazing song!


  8. Abigael Manalo says:

    we tried to sing this in our church as special number.. and everyone got sleep.. haha

  9. peter legg says:

    This is the best hillsong song I’ve ever heard! It’s amazing!

  10. trui sergeant says:

    god bless hillsong!

  11. Логос Агапэ says:

    The best glorification is an execution of will of the Christ. It is important to glorify it on the earth, but I ask you you remember that his will left to us in the Bible. To Budta are blessed.

  12. Jô Lopes says:

    Jesus, eu te Amooooo!

  13. msbluesky5 says:


  14. Johnny Kay says:

    How Great is our God!

  15. seleji getrude says:

    Jesus alive in me; HALELUYAH!

  16. Doru Dogaru says:

    you have something who mani of us are blessed jill

  17. FATTY390 says:

    I’m crying my heart out to you lord. I’m torn apart and I need you now. Listen to my calls….and my cries.

  18. Brayan Alejos says:

    muy buena..AMEN

  19. Aroha Heta says:

    my favourite quote “as I stand and sing, your breaking the chains off me”

  20. cross blood says:

    No more me but u alone oh JESus.

  21. Malvina Mesquita do Nascimento Horita says:

    Lindas canções para todos os corações!!!

  22. Michael Miramontes says:

    One of the best

  23. Jean-Luc LLinares says:

    Alléluia ! Jésus Is my way, my Life , je l’aime

  24. Bombie4u says:

    Really love Jill Mccloghry’s voice. And the song is simple but very powerful.

  25. timekeeper2018 says:


    In 2018, all evil doers will be cut off by God Only the morally and spiritually clean Christians will be left alive to inherit the earth. Life will be better then, no more death and suffering. All food will be available to all for free, no more barter or trading, just helping and sharing

    Do not partake in the sin of greedy governments they are bringing this planet to ruin and making you worthless without their god -money DO NOT PAY TAX


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